‘Missed the mark’: Americans give President Biden final report card for 2023 as approval rating remains dismal

Americans across several cities graded President Biden’s 2023 performance after a recent poll found his approval rating was below 40% for the fifth time this year.  “It seems like he’s not doing anything but pandering to people that get in his face, and it’s wrong,” Ginger, from Washington, D.C., told Fox News. On a scale…

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Kim Jong Un reveals New Year’s resolution to make more nukes and launch military satellites

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un declared that his nation will develop more nuclear materials and launch three more military satellites in 2024. North Korean state media reported the leader’s New Year’s resolution on Saturday, adding that he is also seeking to develop more advanced attack drones. Kim made the comments during a meeting with…

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How to protect your Android from a banking threat that bypasses fingerprint unlock and steals your PIN

You might think that using your fingerprint or face to unlock your phone is more secure than using your PIN.  But you could be wrong. Hackers have developed sophisticated Android malware that can disable your biometric security and steal your PIN and data. What is the Chameleon Android banking malware? The malware is known as…

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Mexico eagerly prepares for historic first Latin American lunar mission: ‘Elevates the name of our country’

Mexico will launch its first lunar mission next month, a historic step for the country and Latin America as a whole, according to officials.  “This project will make history and is the first of its kind in Latin America, which elevates the name of our country, confirming once again that Mexican engineering is at the…

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Obesity org chair calls for measuring waistlines of 5-year-olds, fining employers for larger workers

It’s no secret – obesity is the most prevalent epidemic affecting the Western world, but one obesity organization leaders’ idea to curtail the problem has some people raising their eyebrows. “[It’s] quite right to urge that waist measurements be now taken annually from the time a child first goes to school,” Tam Fry, chair of…

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