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Jesse Watters: Why would Democrats support a man like Biden?

Fox News host Jesse Watters questioned why the Democrats would continue supporting a president who promised to shut down the border if over 2,500 illegal immigrants crossed over, but did not follow through. Watters praised former President Trump on Monday for his fundraising efforts, while some Democrats feel “homeless” with Biden at the helm. CBS…

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Pro-Hamas sympathizers are allowed to get away with total impunity

Fox News host Laura Ingraham argues there’s no rule of law under the Biden administration in her opening monologue Monday on “The Ingraham Angle.” LAURA INGRAHAM: These are among the most privileged people out there. They can do stuff in blue states, liberal jurisdictions, or as we saw on college campuses, and they can get…

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California Democrats ‘playing dirty tricks’ to keep Prop 47 reform off ballot, GOP leader says

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The Immigration Story Nobody Is Talking About

Last week, President Joe Biden announced a crackdown on migrants trying to cross the southern border. The responses from immigrants’-rights groups, civil-rights groups, and some Democratic politicians were instantaneous. Senator Alex Padilla, of California, said that the new policy—which empowers border agents to quickly deport people who cross between ports of entry, by drastically restricting…

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How a Palestinian/Jewish Village in Israel Changed After October 7th

The village’s system of self-governance can be slow. Questions of community life—about employment practices or the approval of new construction—are resolved in community-wide meetings. The process is designed to build a working model of coöperation, case by case, idea by idea, not to handle existential emergencies. The gate stayed closed for six weeks. It took…

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How CoComelon Captures Our Children’s Attention

Two small children jump into a bubble bath with expressions of dazed, perpetual pleasure. The taller one has hair like molded chocolate, the other’s is like a yellow ice-cream swirl. Everything—the walls, the children’s skin—looks bouncy, as though it would squeak to the touch. The bubbles are white and opaque, like globs of shaving cream….

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